School Profile

Centro Mexicano, an original concept in Spanish language acquisition, was established in 1990 by San Miguel native and professor, Josefina Hernández who has over 30 years of teaching and school administration experience. Assisting students in the leaning process is most certainly her passion.

At Centro Mexicano we believe in breaking cultural barriers through second language acquisition in the hope that we may understand, communicate, and appreciate others in our increasingly multicultural world. We have creted a school where our students will learn Spanish as well as involve themselves in the culture and traditions of Mexico through a variety of activities, studies and field trips.

At Centro Mexicano we strongly believe that language and culture go hand a hand, therefore our programs include both these important aspects of learning.
Importance of the Spanish language.

Our school is a successful language school offering Spanish classes in San Miguel for over 20 years, specializing in personalized classes for small groups. Teachers foster an atmosphere of confidence and fun in the classroom, offering patient support and focusing on dynamic conversation exercises to allow students maximum speaking time. We know your time is valuable and often limited; we work with you to improve your Spanish fast and enjoyably.

Our Spanish courses are with small groups of 2 to 8 students and our Spanish teachers are all fully-trained, native speakers with an exceptional amount of patience. The students feel relaxed because our teachers make them feel comfortable about using language.