Who are we?

Centro Mexicano was established in 1990 by Josefina Hernández, an experienced language teacher.
Her main objective was to create a language school that would serve as a multicultural and multilingual center for the community.
In addition to Spanish, Centro Mexicano offers English, French and Italian classes.


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SPANISH PROGRAM OF CENTRO MEXICANO, the activities and the...

Why Consider Mexico?

Mexico is the United States‘ closest neighbor to the south, and at no other time in the long history of that relationship have the benefits of living and investing in Mexico been more apparent…and casier  to enjoy. Not just for Americans, but for Canadians, Europeans…anyone looking for great weather, low prices, rich culture, and potential profits.

Think of it…moonlit fiestas, strolling mariachis, languid white-sand beaches, ancient colonial

towns set in the rugged Sierras, even more ancient Mayan pyramids rising from the misty Yucatan jungle…

Mexico has it all: rich culture, perfect climate, affordable living, not to mention mountains, beaches, deserts, and just about everything in between.
Mexico is one of the world’s top destinations for those dreaming of a relaxed and romantic new life abroad. This makes it  a great lifestyle choice.

Why San Miguel de Allende?

San Miguel de Allende is a special town within Centro America. It is a small territory that combines urban centers with the countryside, and glamorous cosmopolitan environments with all kinds of entertainment.
Some advantages of choosing San Miguel de Allende:


San Miguel de Allende is an extremely safe place for visitors. Streets are peaceful to walk on.


Given its particular climate and natural landscape, combined with good infrastructure, San Miguel de Allende offers a wide range of activities related to leisure and entertainment.